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CSV User Import [2014-05-06]

It is now possible to import user accounts from CSV files! This is especially useful if you need to create a large number of student accounts that you have already stored elsewhere. For more details, please visit the User Forum.

Update Complete [2013-03-04]

ViewletCentral 1.9 is now available, read on for an an overview of the new features and important changes:

  • Viewlet Privacy will allow you to toggle between the "Unlisted" and "Private" modes.
  • You will be able to create "Assignments" for individual users or students.
  • User tracking goes hand in hand with the new "Assignments" feature, and extends reporting information.
  • The "Reviewer" and "Student" non-authoring account types with limited permissions.
  • Numerous other fixes: Long Viewlet titles will no longer break the layout. Subscription information will be available under a new tab in the "My Account" section. Select-all button available in the header of all tables.

Please visit our detailed overview for in-depth information and tutorials.